2 types of Chocolate Melting Machines

A chocolate melting machine is an important tool in the chocolate making process. These may be used by large companies or by small shops that make homemade chocolate. Most commercial chocolate melting machine solve these problems by means of a simple process that results in the molecular chains of the chocolate to form a specific shape, called a -IV shapes. This is not the only shape that may be produced. The melting machine may also be used to create a flat sheet of chocolate, called a flattened chocolate, which can be used for baking.

Different types of chocolate melting machines.

  • One type is called a silent working operation chocolate machine, and it is very similar to a mini-refrigerator used for heating chocolate. The machine features a stainless steel heated plate, which has a small door at its top. It operates by circulating hot chocolate through the plastic tube, which is inserted into the plate. This tube is also the source of carbon dioxide, which is emitted to keep the chocolate at a constant temperature.
  • The second type is a power cordless chocolate melting pot. It is easy to use, and is very safe to use even when the power is turned off. It operates just like the electric free standing pot, with two bowls on either sides and a thick glass pot in the middle. It is not as powerful as the first type but provides similar benefits. These benefits include having a safe temperature control, and a reliable power cord.

Manual control chocolate machines offer a consistent tempering of chocolate. They are also safe to use if you choose, since they maintain a constant temperature unless intentionally changed. The benefit of these machines is that they can produce high quality chocolate balls and other items that are not possible with electric types.

A new style of machine called a ‘ceramic’ melting pot has recently been introduced to the market. This particular machine offers a powerful melting power and is able to melt up to fifty cups of chocolate. It is designed for safety, since it does not use electricity, but rather heat from a natural gas flame. One of the benefits of this machine is that it is capable of producing a highly concentrated chocolate, which is capable of sustaining a consistent and even melting.

Chocolate ‘torture’ machine is another option that people may want to consider. This is where a heated paddle is placed inside a mould and is left to melt chocolate for up to twenty minutes. As the chocolate melts and expands, it forces tiny droplets of chocolate out through the world, into a collection cup. After this process, a thermometer is used to determine the exact temperature of the melted chocolate.

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