Describing The Vaping Journey for Those Who Want More

For many people, their journey through the vaping world is remarkably similar. They start with a simple disposable vape pen and use it to give up smoking successfully; from there, they progress to their first refillable vape device, trying many of the tasty e-liquid flavours as they go. The final and most confusing step is to progress onto one of the more advanced vape devices; this is a difficult progression without having a decent amount of vaping knowledge. In this short article, we will discuss this step and look at one of the more advanced vape devices that enable vapers to vape in a certain specific way, its differences from the simpler devices and the benefits available to those that use them.

How Devices Have Progressed

At the start of the Vaping, revolution devices consisted of an internal battery, a tank containing the tasty e-liquid, a coil contained within the tank which is heated by the internal battery and a power switch to activate the process. Technology advancements brought with them new features, which included variable power settings on the battery pack and different types of coils suitable for different ways of vaping.

One Of Today’s Best Devices

Further advancements have been the replacement of the standard coil/tank design with a self-contained pod that contains the coil or a wick. When the coil or wick in the pod has expired, the pod is replaced, removing the sometimes-messy job of changing the coil or cleaning tanks. It also gives the vaper the choice of switching between their vape flavours more easily by simply changing to a separate pod. One of the best examples of this new type of vape device is the SMOK Nord range of pods; their modern design represents the peak of current vaping technology.

An Excellent Vape Device

The Smok Nord pod kits are a superb option for any vaper looking to progress their vaping experience to a more advanced machine. Powered by a 1800mAh battery with variable power settings from 5w to 50w, it also uses a fast-charging type C USB port which gives a reliable 1.2 current. Features include compatibility with three different types of pods which have characteristics suitable for different methods of vaping, and a dual adjustable airflow allowing the vaper to switch between the MTL and DTL vaping styles. Flexibility means the Smok nord pod is a super option for any vaper, no matter what their preferred way of vaping is.

Further Advancements In Technology

The developers at SMOK have further improved the design of the Nord range with its newest device, which is the Nord X-pod. It uses an improved design to its predecessors and utilises zinc alloys to produce a durable machine, as well as combining all the latest vaping features; it is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Compatible with both the RPM and RPM2 pods, it offers any vaper a high-quality device no matter what type of vaping you prefer.

Hopefully, this helpful information has given you some possibilities for the next step in your vaping journey, and you can choose your next vape device with confidence.

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