Do you need a franchisee support system for your business?

A franchise support system is designed to strengthen the businesses of beginner franchise owners. But more than that, franchisee supporters make sure that the beginner franchise owners are not operating and organizing everything all-alone, they have the support of franchisee supporters to back them up.

Nekter corporate sector is the largest franchise owner that provides support teams to franchisees. Over 40 nekter branches are located at different locations. They believe that this makes them strong as a company. They focus on providing support mainly, rather than just focusing on corporate growth.

The in-depth understanding of the day-to-day activities of running a franchise has made the Nekter Franchise Support effective and efficient for all the beginner franchise owners. Nekter is a juice bar franchise that provides fresh juices to make people feel good from the inside-out. Unlike other franchisees, who provide juices with added sugar, fillers, and preservatives, Nekter prepares them all fresh and all-natural. They provide acai bowls, juices & smoothies, elixirs and the nekter cleanse.

How their support-system works?

  • All the franchise owners and their Managers will be given a 3-week training in either of the two locations, that is Arizona or Calfornia. The training program consists of a total of 18 classroom hours and 80 hours on the job training which covers all the aspects such as, company culture, customer service, operations, products, marketing, supply chain, and financial training.
  • The marketing support team of Nekter is well trained in the marketing programs. They get the specialization mainly through localized campaigns. The team of marketers of this company is available to assist in all the aspects of advertising, public relations, communication, social media, marketing strategies, sponsorships, and fund-raising events as well.
  • They have their expert teams at over 40 different locations so they have a well understanding of the areas where the franchise owners will be needed the most of the support. In addition to solving individual issues, they also provide weekly regional newsletters, organize monthly webinars to increase the audience reach, and also provides access to Nekter support for franchisees portal, which includes everything that Franchise owners will need to operate their business smoothly.

The beginner franchisees need support as they have zero knowledge about the working of the market and working of the daily business operations. So the Nekter franchise has come up with the new feature of providing support to franchisees owners in their initial stage of the business.

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