How to get a breakthrough in the landscaping business 

Selling your services is not easy, especially when you are new in the landscaping industry; most of the large tree moving service struggle in the beginning. We are going to discuss some important tips which could help you get a good start in the landscaping business.

Managing your resources

Services companies need to focus more on effective management of all their resources for getting success. The profitability of the company depends on how strategy they are managing their assets. If you are in the tree care business, you probably know that you need to manage a lot of equipment and the supplies for it; therefore, make sure that you are effectively managing your resources. In the beginning, you need to minimize investment in the supplies, equipment and the employees while getting the most out of them. Therefore, you need to schedule different tasks in a way that the travel time and the downtime of the machinery are reduced. You should track all the machinery and predict when machinery would be needed for a project. You can use some management software as well, which is specifically designed for the landscaping business.

Be smart

The sales strategy of your company also matters; make sure that you are planning your sales strategy after considering your workforce and the machinery availability. The sales strategy should focus on finding new clients and getting maximum work from the existing clients as well. If you want to maximize revenue from your clients, you need to upsell them during the bidding process, including some add-on services as well during the work. You should focus more on the clients who need regular maintenance services in the landscaping. Starting a moving company is not easy because this requires a big one-time investment. If your company is not limited to the fertilization and the trimming, you need to buy or rent out all the machinery for this work. It is easy to find skilled operators for the machinery but keep in mind that they charge a lot, and your company is not going to get any major projects in the beginning.


You need some funds to pay the salaries of the employees for the first few months. Start with the trimming and fertilization and this would help you get regular work but focus more on the high-end services like root removal of trees because that is where the real money is.

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