Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance is necessary that all equipment that uses this component must perform to ensure that all the machinery works correctly, which avoids significant financial losses and losses of the machines if any cylinder presents a problem in its operation.

Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance: Prevention

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance requires great technical knowledge for proper functioning to avoid damage such as a bent rod, and cracks, among others. Since, when presenting these faults, its operation will be of low performance until it reaches its total stop, which causes serious problems.

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance by Сylinders inc is performed to solve problems that may arise over time. If correct maintenance is carried out, the equipment will have a prolonged useful life, and its functioning will not be impaired. The most common repair solutions are:

Seals: if the equipment is not correctly sealed, pressurized fluid leaks from the cylindrical tube, affecting its operation.

Bent rods: a hydraulic cylinder with a bent or uneven rod is harmful to the functioning of machinery as a whole since its work of exerting the mechanical force will be affected and, thus, possibly leading to the breakage of this rod.

Damaged rods occur when there is an overload on the equipment or maintenance is not by the standards, leading to a possible breakage of this rod.

In this sense, hydraulic cylinder maintenance is a service that should only be carried out by specialized companies in the field, as a study is carried out on the part in question to repair it correctly so that it does not interfere with its performance.

Hydraulic cylinder maintenance is a service widely used by industrialists in the automotive, textile, and food industries. Still, it is also required by mobile line companies, which lease equipment such as excavators, and backhoes, among others.

Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

The hydraulic cylinder is equipment widely used in the industry in general. It can be found in automotive, auto parts, plastic injection, paper and cellulose, the food industry, agro-industry, construction pavers, and heavy engineering companies. ; mobile line (excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, and derivatives); mining, hydroelectric, steel, and naval industry.

Benefits Of This Type Of Cylinder

For companies that aim at productivity and economy, the hydraulic cylinder is an excellent alternative since this type of equipment can be used in small, medium to large industries, adapting to specific applications and customer preferences.

With a robust structure, the hydraulic cylinder is resistant to internal technical problems due to its smooth surface. Manufactured by the ISO standard, the hydraulic cylinder has the flexibility of assembly and size, which facilitates, for example, its transport and handling. Specially designed to ensure speed and strength in production processes, the hydraulic cylinder is found in several different models and specifications, which can be classified into:

Telescope, which has one or more rods in its composition;

Simple effect or action, which returns using springs or even gravity;

Double action is usually used in industrial processes.

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