Laundry Machine Brands You Should Avoid

One of the essential elements of a laundry business is its equipment. You will need the best commercial laundry equipment, from washing machines to dryers. If not, your business ends up failing due to poor customer service from equipment that doesn’t work efficiently.

As you narrow down your options on what equipment to buy, you’ll need to consider the brands. This article will tackle what brands you need to avoid due to poor customer service, warranty policies, faulty machines, or lack of commercial laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts.

  1. Costway

Costway is known for its compact and portable washing machines made for small spaces. However, their washing machines have been rated poor consistently, and with good reason.

The major issue is its lease of use or lack of it. When using this machine, you have to shut off and drain the water manually for every load, which is a huge hassle to you and your customers.

Furthermore, the compact size makes it difficult to position the machine as it’s too short to connect to a water source, requiring extension cords.

  1. Deco

Deco washing machines are sleek and compact, though it has received a lot of complaints, particularly from the front load washer series. You can spot many customer reviews about their machines stopping mid-cycle, as well as blank displays when switching it on.

The washing machine also has incomprehensible buttons without any beeping buttons, so you won’t know what’s happening during the wash cycle.

  1. Danby

Danby has a solid reputation for its appliances, especially their washing machines. Unfortunately, one of their models, the DWM04WDB, has messed up its overall name. This particular model is listed as the weakest washing machines of all time!

The major complaints about this brand is its rough washing and water leakage, as it has no transparent window. While it has an above-average energy star rating, the issues mentioned above taints the overall name of Danby.

  1. Speed Queen

Speed Queen is known for providing washing machines with a long lifespan, though its performance is subpar. It receives low customer ratings in terms of dirt removal regardless of how much detergent is added. That, and there are complaints about its spinning and drying performance.

You may also find difficulty in finding its parts, compared to dexter laundry parts and other brands.

  1. Electrolux

Electrolux is a fast-trending brand that offers a variety of appliances, but their washing machines can’t keep up with the name. The performance of Elecrolux’s washing machines are abysmal, only having a moderate load capacity with slow performance. Oftentimes, customers see frequent error messages without being able to detect what’s wrong.

Another flaw is their unresponsive customer service. It comes at a high price for what it offers, making it not worth the investment.

Wrapping It Up

It’s crucial to determine what brands work and what doesn’t in terms of commercial laundry equipment. Don’t worry, while there are bad laundry machine brands, there are excellent ones you should focus on investing in!

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