Leaders in sustainable farming

When it comes to sustainable farming, the world is making leaps and bounds every day towards a brighter, more sustainable future that will benefit the environment and the population. Moving into the Green Revolution, those in the agricultural sphere can expect to see new innovations all the time in technology to promote sustainable farming.

Some organisations are pulling ahead of the rest, though, and one such is Verdesian Life Sciences. The organisation aims to enable a sustainable future for farmers through nutrient use efficiency, delivering constantly evolving services to achieve optimal crop potential.

Delivering more nutrients to crops: Revolutionising sustainable yields

Biostimulants are seeing a dramatic rise in the last few years alone of uptake. These organic substances and microorganisms are applied to crops to enhance their natural nutrient uptake.

Not only are these incredibly effective but they are already widely available. Seaweed, plant extracts, humic and fulvic acids, proteins, micronutrients, phosphate, enzymes, and amino acids are all examples of naturally occurring Biostimulants.

Unlike fertilisers, these will directly stimulate plant growth and optimise its condition to produce healthier yields.

Innovation for East Asian soybeans

While native to East Asia, the soybean is a type of legume that is predominantly grown in the US, Argentina, and Brazil. In fact, over 80% of the world’s soybeans come from these three countries. Not only has this proved hazardous for supply security but relying on native countries is a far more sustainable approach for the land itself.

The optimal methods for growing healthy and bountiful yields of soybeans has been carefully analysed by leaders in sustainable farming to develop a complete guide for East Asia. The most flexible solution to boost yield, however, has been an inoculant called Preside CL.

This brings more nitrogen into the soybean plant by adding nodules, creating more secondary and feeder roots. By using Preside CL, soybean production could be increased rapidly and on a wide scale – securing its sustainability for the future.

Supporting smallholder farmers for a more sustainable future

Being a leader in sustainable farming goes beyond the crop and land itself, however. Specialists in the field are working with partners across the agri-value chain in order to better support smallholder farmers. Especially in developing economies, this could be a key element to securing greater crop yields and farm incomes.

Subsistence farming is the predominant form of agriculture for many developing economies but by dividing farmland across the world, we can better ensure marginal land is protected and arable land harvested sustainably.

To learn more about Verdesian’s services and their role as specialists in sustainable farming, visit the Verdesian website today or get in touch to speak directly.

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