Leather Workshop Singapore: An Insight Into The Industry

Leather workshop Singapore is one of the leading workshops in Singapore. They have been operating since 1972, and are a family-owned business that has retained its name. The company operates with three branches: leather goods, shoe repair, and restoration services.

 Leather Workshop Singapore focuses on the production of high-quality products such as belts, wallets, purses, shoes, etc. Their artisanal craftsmanship is world-renowned for its high-quality standards and customer service excellence.

In 1972, Leather Workshop Singapore was founded in Kuala Lumpur by local craftsmen with a passion for their work and an eye on tradition. Today they have three branches–in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore–and export across Asia, Europe, and America.

The history of leather is a long and storied one, but it all begins with the tanning process. Yes, that’s right – before you can make any piece of leather goods or shoes for sale to customers, you need to start by slaughtering an animal like a cow or horse.

It would take anywhere from two weeks up to a few months depending on factors such as weather conditions for the skin to properly dry out and turn into a tanned hide. Once this process was complete there were several ways the hides could be treated:

– They might have been stretched onto frames then scraped clean

– soaked in water until all hair follicles are removed

Largest and Most Trusted Leather Workshop:

At Leather Workshop Singapore, we pride ourselves in being the largest and most trusted leather workshop here in Singapore. We have been servicing our customers for over 20 years now! During that time, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. For instance, when up-and-coming designers start, they tend to commission their work from us because they do not yet possess the equipment or know how to make their pieces from scratch.

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