Proper Care For Sod Grass

You might have heard about sod grass when you are planning for your landscaping project. Sod is being used by people or businesses who do not have much time to spare on planting grass from scratch. It is rolled up and will be installed like carpets. It will give the space instant grass floor, hence landscapers would not have too much of a hard time finishing their project.

But just so you know, this type of grass needs care and special treatment, especially at the start. If sod grass did not receive the right care, it won’t create the new lawn you are wishing to achieve from it.

To help you in taking care of the sod grass well, reading this article is a good idea.

The Right Care For Sod Grass

Leaving the job to landscapers or professional gardeners is actually a bright idea if you want to make sure that your sod grass will grow as expected, but, if you want to cut on the expense, here are some of the tips to properly care for your sod grass:


Stay away from mowing up until 2 weeks after the grass is settled on the area. You have to minimize your watering before the first mowing to ensure that the soil is firm enough to hold on the grass while being mowed.

You must not cut the grass blade more than 1/3, as it may destroy not just the appearance but also the stability of the grass.

Expect that waiting time for mowing, when grass is laid on during winter time, is longer.


Watering is very important onset of the grass installation. You have to make sure that watering is done on a regular basis. If you can afford to have irrigation installed, go ahead and do so.

Watering schedule will change as the grass establishes where it is laid.

Light traffic

Limit, or best to completely keep off the newly installed grass, until the first mow. You have to make sure that roots are already established before you let anyone step on the grass. If traffic, light or heavy, hits on the grass, there is a huge chance that it will destroy its ability to establish.


Apart from looking for a good shop that offers the best St. Augustine sod grass for sale, or any other type of sod grass so to speak, following the tips on how to properly take care of the grass above is a must if you want this project to be successful.

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