Reasons For Amazon Seller Account Suspension 

Having an Amazon appeal seller account? Worried if your account might get suspended? If you are very confident that you can apply for an Amazon suspension appeal, first you need to know the reason for your suspension but before knowing why to know how to avoid suspension. Don’t worry! Here’s a guide to avoiding suspension of your account.

1.         Customer Service      

If you visit a restaurant after the food what do you observe? It’s the customer service, right? If you like the customer service you visit that place again. If it’s not good you write a review on that place and the restaurant’s staff tries to improve their services. The same applies to your seller account too. If your service is good then it’s safe for the account. But if you get a bad remark or feedback expressing your poor services then there are chances that your account might get suspended. Poor customer services include late shipment, order quality. Customers are your ultimate goal. So, if you are providing poor services then it’s sure that your account is going to get suspended. Always try to keep up your service standards and focus on customer satisfaction.

2.         Following Policies      

Rules are set for your safety. If you don’t follow traffic rules then you are the one who has to bear the loss. Amazon policies are just like traffic rules. Violating traffic rules results in life suspension and violating Amazon policies results in account suspension. So, make sure your account is strictly following all the policies and rules set by Amazon. For example, if you are selling kid toys then you need to take special permissions by Amazon so that you are selling them legally.

3.         Misrepresentation and Fake Products 

Misrepresenting your account is your biggest mistake. Don’t try to sell fake products or falsify your account. Business and selling are all about trust. If you are trying to cheat your customers with fake products then Amazon will not tolerate it and will suspend your account immediately without any further delay. So, as already told, try to keep up your product and service standards. This not only prevents your account from suspension but also helps in acquiring a high seller rank which results in more sales.

So, these are the three main reasons for your amazon seller account suspension. Check with all of these and then start with the account retrieval process.

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