Should You Change Your Marketing Strategy?

Once your digital marketing strategy finally takes off, it’s natural to feel a sense of excitement and relief. Now that things are already in motion, you’re eager to count the days, weeks, and months that have passed since you launched the campaign. After all, you want to find out whether all the efforts, money, and time you’ve put into it paid off.

More often than not, people expect results as soon as possible and if the outcome is not up to their expectations, they often take this as a sign to pivot and change tactics. This, however, is not always applicable to online marketing. Marketing activities usually take time to flourish and develop. Once you reach that certain period, that’s the only time you can decide whether you need to revisit your campaign or not.

But how can you tell when it’s time to make some changes to update your marketing strategy? This article will help you determine whether you should make the switch or not.

Your Website Visitors Aren’t Converting

It is not easy to increase website traffic, so if you manage to drive visitors toward your site that’s a feat worth celebrating. However, if this traffic isn’t converting to new or potential leads, you might want to revisit your existing strategy.

Poor website conversion can mean two things. It is either that your messaging and current offers don’t appeal strongly to your visitors or you are marketing your brand to the wrong crowd. Usually, it’s a combination of both, but you’ll have to analyse and check in with your current target demographics.

You could try experimenting with different ideas, but it’s best to do A/B testing first. By using the data you gathered from the test, it’s easier to determine which approach is more effective. Data will also help you in pinpointing which aspect of your strategy needs to be improved, removed or retained.

There’s No Movement on Your Social Pages

How long has it been since your social media account got new likes or followers? Has it been weeks? Months? Years? If you barely remember when the last interaction happened, then it only means that something’s wrong with your campaign.

Nowadays, you’ll pretty much see a lot of gimmicks across social media. Businesses take advantage of the extensive reach and specific targeting of this channel. This is why they consider social media marketing as one of the most effective techniques to capture the public attention and introduce their latest offerings, products, and even brands.

Social media is pretty straightforward, so it’ll be fairly easy to assess whether your page is performing or not. However, you will need to collect historical data to come up with a good comparison and background to see why things aren’t working out. Once you do this, creating a new set of posts or content will be a no brainer task for you.

In essence, the purpose of having social media profiles is to draw engagement from people and create a community of individuals who are interested in what you have. If it’s not fulfilling that purpose, it’s about time you refresh your strategy.

It’s Been Years Since You Last Updated Your Strategy

A lot has changed in digital marketing over the last few years. What worked in 2020 may not be as effective now. This is because online marketing trends never stay the same for long. The industry is constantly developing and evolving which means updates are inevitable.

If you choose to stick with your existing campaign, it might do more harm than good to your brand. Generally, the cost of digital marketing services is relatively affordable. However, if you choose to do poor and bad marketing, your company will suffer great losses in revenue and investment. That’s why you need to catch up with the latest trends and updates. This is the only way for you to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck and that your business will continue to grow and flourish.

If it’s been a year or two since you last launched your marketing plan, then you badly need to rethink your marketing decisions. No matter how much you pay for your digital marketing, it means nothing if you’re using outdated strategies and methods.

Your Organisation Is Growing

If your business is currently undergoing expansion and changes, then the situation definitely calls for a complete marketing revamp. During this time, you probably have a new set of goals you’d like to achieve. In addition, you’ll likely have a different vision for the company. Your marketing campaign plan must be aligned with your new vision and goals to maintain the continuity of your business’ past and current success.

Having well-crafted digital marketing can go a long way. This is why you need to pay extra attention to the telltale signs that your existing marketing approach may no longer be working. Don’t be afraid to change.

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