Technology’s Role In Lean Construction

An increasing number of construction companies are embracing a modern approach by adopting lean methodology, incorporating the latest technological advances and industry tactics. The implementation of lean construction offers a unique set of benefits to organizations. At its core, lean construction is a construction approach that looks to maximize customer value while minimizing waste across various aspects of the work, such as excess transportation, overprocessing, and underutilized talents. The guiding principles of lean construction play a pivotal role in helping firms achieve these results, emphasizing a focus on the deeper values of the customer. By understanding the customer’s perspective, lean construction enables organizations to better understand the value they’re providing to their customers. Any step of the process that proves to lack value are systematically removed. The integration of these methodologies are yielding substantial benefits for the construction industry, including lower costs and more efficient project management. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing lean construction, technology plays a crucial role in the process. For more information on the ways in which technology such as mobile-based project management software is shaping the industry, read on to the infographic supported alongside this post.

Technology’s Role In Lean Construction presented by Hi-Vis, a company specializing in scaffold estimating software

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