The Benefits of Alternate-sourced Lab Furniture: Saving time and cost in getting up-and-running!

The global laboratory furniture market will balloon from an approximately US$1.5- billion industry in 2015, to US$1.8-billion by 2026. That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.76%. As the need for lab research and clinical services continues to expand, spurred by a global health crisis, the demand for laboratory equipment, such as metal lab cabinets and tables, continues to rise too. Paradoxically, that same health crisis has fueled a shortage of that very equipment, predicated by lockdowns and supply chain disruptions.

Benefits of Alternate-sourced Metal Cabinets and Furniture

It’s no wonder, then, that lab owners are looking for alternate solutions, such as pre-used or refurbished products. Whether manufactured from epoxy powder-coated steel, modular steel, welded tubular steel, or other durable metals, lab furniture and other metal lab equipment are in high demand. And it’s no secret that, at times, there’s a huge backlog for new or made-to-order furniture. As a result, some labs planning to launch operations shortly, or contemplating major renovations, might even have to postpone their plans.

Given supply-chain challenges experienced by many equipment manufacturers, including makers of metal lab cabinets and lab tables, lab operators are looking to alternate sourcing as an option to for immediately accessible furniture. For instance, in some cases, new metal base cabinets are backlogged by over 24 to 36 weeks! That level of delay is unacceptable to most laboratory managers, and can contribute to significant project launch cost overruns.

So, what can business do to mitigate the risk?

Fortunately, there’s a practical solution – meeting your metal lab cabinets, benches, sinks and lab tables requirements using a reliable alternate product.  At LEI Sales, we provide a range of products to reduce lead times, while offering unbeatable value-based pricing. Our offerings include:

  • Used metal cabinets
  • Laboratory tables instead of metal cabinets
  • Mobile lab benches
  • SS lab tables
  • Stand-alone lab sinks
  • …and much more!

Over the past 5-years, the cost of metal lab cabinets has more than doubled, putting them beyond the budgetary range of most small businesses. Consequently, sturdy lab tables and mobile benches have become adequate substitutes.  Wet labs need laboratory sinks.  In the past, they incorporated these sinks into large sections of metal base cabinets.  For the budget conscious labs, or the time constrained, stand-alone lab sinks have now become a common substitute.  The high cost of sourcing some furnishing pieces, coupled with lengthy lead times, has also forced many of our customers to switch from standard casework layout to the liberal use of alternative tables and mobile benches.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

Lab furniture often accounts for a significant component of a projects’ cost. However, higher prices, and longer sourcing lead times have made laboratory project costs soar beyond budgetary estimates. To address these challenges, labs are turning to LEI Sales for used metal cabinets, Laboratory tables instead of metal cabinets, Mobile lab benches, SS lab tables and Stand-alone lab sinks. Alternate sourcing doesn’t just save purchase costs, it also reduces a project’s time-to-launch.

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