The Best Way to Clean the Construction Space

Do you have a newly constructed or renovated building that requires cleaning services? Are you looking for a Dallas construction cleaning company? Construction and remodeling are messy hence cleaning services, will be required before you can resume work. Find a construction clean up Dallas TX Company that offers affordable and quality services.

Construction cleaning services

Construction sites are usually dirty due to the activities carried out. Outside dirt, dust, bits of hardware, and material debris are found on the construction sites. You will need to hire construction clean-up in Dallas TX for dust and debris removal from the cabinets, windows, and walls after the construction project is complete. It is the reason why construction cleaning services are essential. The location and cleaning space determine the cost of cleaning services.

Phases of construction cleaning

a)   Rough clean

It involves the removal of debris and dust then the site is cleaned. The cleaners will visit and inspect the construction site. A blueprint of the building helps during cleaning. Sliding glass doors and windows will be cleaned in this stage of cleaning. Large items that cannot be vacuumed are removed. Dust particles and stickers from the windows, doors, and cabinets are also removed. Flooring and painting are done once this phase is complete.

b)   Light clean

Many tools and equipment are used in this phase. The cleaning of the bedroom and kitchen area is the primary focus. Cleaning is done on installed items like cabinets, sinks, and toilets. The necessary equipment helps in cleaning door frames, baseboards, and mirrors. Equipment used includes neutral cleaners and microfiber rags. Cleaning services will ensure your floor quality is maintained.

c)   Touch-up cleaning

It is conducted several days after a light cleaning. The cleaners take their time to identify areas where dirt accumulates. They also clean stains, fingerprints, and smudge on any surfaces. The cleaners will:

  • Vacuum the carpets.
  • Clean the garage.
  • Mop the floors.

They will review the whole area to ensure every place is spotlessly clean.

Reasons to hire construction cleaning services

1.    Reliability

You get to choose the cleaning schedule. It is a reliable, easy, and convenient service. Once hired, the cleaners will arrive within a short period. You will have peace of mind as they will handle every cleaning necessary.

2.    Proper disposal

Rules and regulations for garbage disposal should be adhered to at all times. Failure to which, you may face legal charges hence getting fined. The best construction cleaning companies are knowledgeable about these things, and they follow the guidelines accordingly.

3.    Safety

Debris and dust left after construction is done may affect your health negatively. Cleaning is a field that the construction cleaning company is knowledgeable and experienced in. They will make your space cleaner by following all the safety precautions.

4.    It saves time

It is cost-effective and saves effort and time. The cleaners have the proper equipment used for cleaning. Purchasing cleaning equipment and product for a one-time job is not a cost-effective solution.


If you are looking for a construction clean-up Dallas TX Company, you should know a few things about construction cleaning companies. It will come in handy when your construction or remodeling is complete, and you need to get rid of dust, dirt, debris, and material hardware from the building space. Rough clean, light clean, and touch-up cleaning are the three phases of construction cleaning.

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