The Types and Functions of the Different PPE Kits Available

Personal protective equipment is used by people, especially in the working environment, to protect them from the various components of the environment, which may lead to contamination or even ill health of an individual. As the name suggests, the protective equipment is meant to be used by one person, for personal use only, and not shared. The sharing of equipment might lead to contamination and the spread of infections or conditions that the people would have avoided if the people did not do such. Below are some of the commonly used personal protective equipment kits.


The gloves are personal protective equipment kits worn on the hand that protect the individual from contamination. Gloves exist in different types and different types, and that brings about the difference in functionality. The experts can categorize the types of gloves according to the type of material used in making them.

Gloves Made Of Cotton or Leather

These types of gloves get used to protecting an individual from injury when performing tasks, which would expose them to injuries brought about by cuts or even burns in the line of work. In most cases, these laws are usually lined with multiple layers to offer extra protection to the users.

Latex or Rubber Gloves

Latex or rubber gloves are the types of gloves commonly used in Laboratories and other medical settings. These gloves get characterized by a perfect fit on the user’s hands to allow for comfortable mobility. They are also a thin layer to allow functions such as grip by the hand and enhance the sense of touch, which helps the user feel substances such as the temperature of a given item.  These gloves are characterized to offer protection to the user’s hands from biohazard chemical attacks and even from other harmful substances which may cause harm to the user. Due to the nature of the latex or rubber gloves being fragile and flexible, they offer no resistance to heat or even puncture. Hence, they are not ideal for use when around sharp tools, flames, and even working on abrasive surfaces.


Mask is the type of PPE kit on the face of an individual to prevent them from inhaling harmful substances from the environment such as dust particles. Masks come in different variation depending on the environment in which they are supposed to get used in and the purpose for one having them

3-Ply Disposable Masks

These types of masks are commonly used for medical purposes to filter harmful substances from being inhaled into the body of an individual. With the current pandemic, it is evident that the three plies disposable medical mask was heavily used by the public to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Construction Masks

Construction masks are those used by the contractors and others working in a construction area to prevent them from inhaling excessive amounts of dust particles found in their surroundings. Without the construction the construction workers would suffer from respiratory diseases that would have affected them severely.

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