Things To Consider Before Buying A Laundry Business

Today, laundromats have to constantly keep abreast with the current technology developments in the laundry industry to stay competitive. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a laundromat, it’s best that you research to know what to expect during the buying process, equipment like those by Continental Girbau, and all the management duties. Also, be sure to consider the potential costs, bills and expenses you’ll incur along the way. You should also consider checking everything thoroughly. Start by talking to several owners, and consult relevant professionals to ensure you get right business to buy.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a laundry business.


Be sure to check the condition and age of the existing equipment. You do not want to invest in a business then have to replace some of the commercial washer and dryer all at once. Get information about the make and models of the equipment plus when each was installed. This information can help you know how old each piece of equipment is. Also, confirm that the current owner has maintenance records of the laundry equipment. Some of the machines may be newer, meaning that you’ll only have to replace some. As you work out the costs of the business, be sure to factor in these as well.


If you’re looking into buying a laundry business, it’s fair to say that you are also interested in the financial aspect. To address this, start by asking the current owner for the business financial statements to confirm that the business is in fact making money. At this point, also make sure to look into the supplementary income. That means money earned from amenities like the internet or snack machines.


While you can’t change the location of a business, this factor should play a huge part in your decision. Also, your chosen location should offer lots of parking close to your laundry business. When looking at the location, ensure that area you buy is safe. When people feel safe it then means you’ll get more business, particularly if you’re planning to operate 24-hours a day. Also, it’s a wise move that you ensure that the laundry business you’re looking to buy appears on search engines. Having an online presence in yahoo, Google, and Bing  search engines along with higher reviews on various forums mean that your business is likely to become profitable.

Lease and other costs

Laundry businesses have few expensive recurring costs that you should know of. Ensure that the existing lease is good for the period needed. Doing so will also help you avoid buying a business then have to relocate after two years. Also don’t forget to check the general costs of possible renovation. Even then, completely restoring and renovating the laundry store could turn it into a profitable venture, with increased foot traffic and constant activity.

Other Revenue Sources

This is another crucial factor as it can help you improve the store reputation while attracting in more customers. Therefore, be sure to check whether the laundry shop has extra amenities or new technology, such as Vending machines (for both dry sheets and washing detergent and food—coffee, cold drinks, and snacks). Also, check whether there are family-friendly amenities like flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi.

A laundry store can be a wise business investment. And with enough research and a few upgrades, your laundry storefront can turn into a profitable venture for a long time.

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