Ways To Control Dust At Your Construction Site

Dust at your construction site can emanate from natural forces such as wind and the construction operations. Therefore, you need to come up with ways to effectively contain and control this dust. Also, if your construction site has excessive dust build-up, you’re likely to have problems with the immediate surroundings. Furthermore, your site workers will contract respiratory issues that make them less productive at work. So, are you looking for ways on how to get rid of dust in the air at your construction site? Below are some dust control measures you should consider.

Water Spraying Mists

Loose and dry soil particles are the top causes of dust buildup at your construction site. That’s why water is an excellent dust reduction technique as it keeps soil particles intact. Usually, you should exercise maximum care when using water as too much of it might lead to a runoff. Using trucks with water spraying mists is a good idea as you can limit the amount of water they apply. As a result, the dust build-up will give you a dust-free construction site. Keep in mind you can also use dust suppressants in chemical form to control dust. You only need to look for the best manufacturers like BossTek that offer these dust containment chemicals.

Use of Mulch and Vegetation

If your construction site is bare ground, then expect to have lots of dust in the air. However, you can remedy the situation by covering the bare ground. Mulch and vegetation are the two best ways to contain and keep dust under control. Usually, these two methods keep loose soil particles intact, thus reducing abnormal movements. As a result, you’ll stop dealing with dust issues at your worksite. Planting grass also helps in controlling dust as fewer soil particles are exposed, thus not easily blown away as dust. You need to consider mulching and planting vegetation on your construction site if at all you want to get rid of too much dust.

Apply Speed Limits On Vehicles

Faster moving vehicles on the construction site can be a top cause for dust accumulation in the air currents. Also, trucks moving at high speeds result in soil disturbance exposing the soil to more dust agents. Therefore, it’s important to use speed limits on all moving vehicles, especially trucks that transport the construction materials. Doing so ensures that moving vehicles don’t leave too much dust in the air. It also helps maintain a clean and dust-free environment for the immediate neighborhood and your workers.

Put Up Dust Barriers

If the other dust techniques don’t work, you can try setting up dust barriers at your construction site. These usually obstruct wind that blows away soil particles off-site. You can consider using a board fence, wind fence, sediment fence, burlap fence, and snow fence. As a rule of thumb, dust barriers should be constructed at right angles to prevailing winds as leaving gaps would allow winds to pass through. Additionally, solid crate walls and hay bales should work excellently as dust barriers.  Any other material that contains dust by putting loose particles intact should be used as a dust barrier.

Dust suppression is a crucial part of any construction site. It not only ensures your employees are safe and healthy but it helps keep your business running for a long time.

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