What to Know about Webcasts?

A webcast is a simple live online broadcast of the video or even audio feed from the place where meetings or events take place. Some terms such as web lecture, virtual event, online webinar, online seminar and web event are also the most often used things. However, a webcast is almost different from all these things mentioned above, this is because in a webinar or seminar is 100% online, but a webcast is the online broadcasting of a physical thing which exists. Therefore, it is in the hands of our readers to choose the right webcast that is available online like Virtual AGM Singapore. Let us know some detailed information about the webcast.

Webcasts substantially extend the reach of people’s meetings or an event. Through a single event from one location a larger set of audience can watch, hear and also speak through these webcasting systems. A webcast in simple terms means that no one can ever miss their meeting or even their event anymore with the help of webcasts. Audiences or participants can follow their webcast live through their personal computers, laptops or even through their mobile phones. People can easily interact with the speaker without any disturbance with the help of a webcast. This makes it easy for many people to communicate with other people without having to travel from one place to the other.

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